Why Mothers Stay Up Late

This one hits home for me. I spent most of my 20’s and half of my 30’s single, for the most part. I longed for the day I would meet a wonderful man to share my life with and hopefully have children. As happy as I am to have all that now, I long for my former life, not everyday, but the desire to be alone, to not be touched is there often enough. The difference between me and the woman in this story, is that I value sleep more than being alone. Lack of sleep ruins me. I’m a crappy partner and I don’t “mom” well. Sleep has to be the priority and the hours before midnight are crucial to feeling well-rested. So I wait for hubby to have a night out, then I buy my favourite frozen pizza (Dr. Oetker I love/hate you) a nice bottle of red, queue up my favourite chick dramas and I enjoy date night with me, myself and I. I’m in bed by 10pm, content to know I have at least 8hrs of sleep ahead of me. How about you? When do you get your “me” time? Why Mothers Stay Up Late