My packages and pricing reflect my belief that healthy sleep should be affordable for all. Sleep training is a learning process and not a band aid solution, it takes time. I will not simply write up a sleep plan and send you on your way. It is the support that I will provide you that is critical to your success. I am your teacher and your teammate, guiding you through and cheering you on.

How much time does sleep training take? There is no one size fits all. It depends on your child, your parenting philosophy and the sleep issue at hand.

Call me for your free 15 minute consultation and we can determine which package is the right fit for your family.

Sleep Support

For parents who recognize they need help with their child’s sleep and are ready to get started!

  • 1hr consultation – Phone/Facetime/Skype (in home +$25, within reasonable distance)
  • Customized sleep plan
  • Personalized sleep log
  • Sleep progression statistics (a detailed view of your child’s improvement)
  • $375 for 2 weeks unlimited email support
  • $500 for 4 weeks unlimited email support
  • $150 per additional child
  • $75 per additional week

Follow up support

For clients who have wrapped up in the last six months and need help working through a bump in the road, such as an illness, nap transition, or daycare integration.

  • $90 for a 30-min call + three days of email support
  • $125 for a 30-min call + seven days of email support

New/Expecting Parents

For new or soon to be parents looking to start off on the right foot

  • 1hr consultation – Phone/Facetime/Skype (in home +$25, within reasonable distance)
  • Sleep Safety Nursery Assessment
  • A Healthy Sleep Habits booklet
  • $150

Sleep 1:1

Are you already in the midst of sleep training and need some help troubleshooting? Do you have sleep related questions you’d like answered? Let’s talk!

  • 1 hour Q&A
  • $75

Sleep dates

Hosting a playdate or a get together with fellow tired parents? Invite me along! You’re already talking sleep so let me answer your questions. I’ll share the basics of healthy sleep and then we’ll get right to the Q&A. Minimum six guests please (including host)!

Serving the Montreal area

  • 1 hour of sleep talk
  • $25 per guest

Pediatric Sleep Workshops

Healthy sleep for children positively impacts many areas of their lives as it does their parents. Are your sleep deprived employees functioning at 100%? Are your students falling asleep at their desks? Whether you run a company, daycare, or group, learning the benefits of healthy sleep will positively impact your team and its members. I provide 1 or 2 hour workshops highlighting best practices for healthy sleep in children and answering your sleep questions. Call for pricing details.

Contact me today to schedule your free 15 min consultation now! A good night’s sleep is just a phone call away.