Remember when “Fall Back” was a good thing?

It’s that time of year where we scratch our heads wondering why we chose to have kids. 🤔 Since the ability to travel back in time is still on our wish list, here are my tips on how to avoid the 5am, little person wake-up. 1️⃣ Does your child like to sleep in, 7am or later (they do exist)? Yes ➡️ Then do nothing. They may wake at 6am, for a couple of days, big woop. You don’t know early, trust me. They’ll get on the new time quickly. No ➡️ So a 5am wake-up is already your norm? I feel your pain. These kiddos need their schedules pushed forward so that they’ll be going to bed an hour later than usual come Saturday. Here’s an example of how it should look: Non-nappers Current bedtime: 7pm Wed: 7:15pm Thurs: 7:30pm Frid: 7:45pm Sat: 8pm Nappers Children @ home: Push naps forward at the same pace as the schedule above, shifting them 15 mins later, starting Wednesday Children @ daycare: Unfortunately most daycares will not alter their schedules for the end of DST. That leaves Friday bedtime and Saturday Frid: bedtime ➡️ 30 mins Sat: naps ➡️ 30 mins, bedtime 1hr later than usual 2️⃣ The sun will be rising earlier now so make sure their room is nice and dark. 3️⃣ Expose them to lots of sunlight in the morning to help reset their biological clocks. 4️⃣ Go to bed EARLY! You may not be able to control the time you are woken up but you can always control your bedtime. Good luck to us all! PS: The above recommendations are for children with healthy sleep habits. If sleep is already a struggle for your child, the above advice will not fix it, but I can! Let’s work together to create an amazing sleeper, just in time for the holidays. There’s no greater gift than a good night’s sleep. 💓