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My mom has a secret…I promised I wouldn’t tell…shhh!

  She sleep trained me! 😱 The act of helping your child sleep better has become incredibly controversial. So much so, that moms have told me they kept it a secret from their family in fear of judgement. Wow. Helping your child get the sleep their developing bodies need should NEVER be a source of shame but that of PRIDE! Be bold, be proud and comment below…I SLEEP TRAINED MY CHILD! 💤


I’m here to help, not point the finger!

The blame game….ugh. As if parenting isn’t hard enough, everywhere we look, someone is pointing a judgmental finger at us, letting us know we have failed, again. Here’s my promise to you: I will NEVER make you feel badly or point the finger at you regarding your child’s sleep. Why? Because whatever issue you are currently facing, it’s not your fault. You’re suspicious, aren’t you? Let me explain. Your ob-gyn cares about everything concerning you and baby until baby has safely arrived. Next, your post-partum nurses are focused on helping you feed baby. It’s all about the weight. Last but not least, your pediatrician comes into your life and they too are concerned about weight, as well as baby’s overall growth. Aren’t those percentiles fascinating/horrifying? So who’s talking to you about baby’s sleep? There’s a reason for the surge in the child sleep consulting industry. ; ) Two kids and three years later, our pediatrician has never once asked me how my children are sleeping. You might say I should look for a better pediatrician but I’m pretty sure the results wouldn’t be any different. That’s because, as I recently learned, on average pediatric residency programs offer 4.4 hours of education on sleep and sleep disorders!!! Considering the importance of sleep on our overall health, I find this shocking. This number comes from a 2013 study by Mindel et al., “Sleep education in pediatric residency programs: a cross-cultural look” in which they surveyed 152 pediatric residency programs across 10 countries, including the U.S. and Canada. A similar study was done in 2011 by Mindel et al. “Sleep education in medical school curriculum: a glimpse across countries” surveying medical schools across 12 countries, and the results were worse. They averaged only 2.5 hours on sleep education! When it comes to your child’s sleep you are left to figure it out on your own, and you’re doing your best. I know you are. I’m not here to point the finger and tell you you’re doing it all wrong. I’m here to work WITH your family and develop a strategy to help your child achieve their sleep goals while respecting your parenting philosophy. If you need help with your child’s sleep, send me a message. I think we’d make a great team. : ) 2013 study – 2011 study –


What’s your guarantee?

Successful Sleep Training – What’s your guarantee? I have been asked before and will certainly be asked again…”Do you guarantee that sleep training will work?”. Although I know this is not the answer you want to hear, it’s the truth. The answer lies within. YOU are the determining factor in the success of your child’s sleep training. It is not the method you employ that guarantees success, but the delivery of said method. The good news is I’ve found the winning formula. Follow my “3 C’s of Successful Sleep Training” and with my support, you are certain to succeed!