Safe sleep, it’s for a reason

You have likely seen this story. As gut wrenching as it is to read, it must be talked about and shared. This woman’s baby died in his crib, and now she has a warning for other parents I follow various mom related groups and the amount of moms now posting “Do I need to take my baby’s blanket away?” is incredibly alarming, and so I am posting the American and Canadian Safe Sleep guidelines in hopes that you will share on your pages.…/childhood-e…/sids/index-eng.php There are many aspects regarding our children’ safety that we cannot control but safe sleep is not one of them. Do me a favour and compare the picture below to your child’s current sleep environment.  Doesn’t match?  Change it NOW!  Don’t wait until the weekend, DO IT NOW!  Because I never want to read another story like this again. xoxo