Back to school…back to early bedtimes

🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! 🎶 or so the Staples ad claims. While some parents are rejoicing, others are cringing at the bedtime battles that loom ahead. Those summer bedtimes seemed harmless enough at the time until faced with having to bring back school appropriate bedtimes. Because getting your kids to go to bed an hour earlier should be a fun time, right? 😬 My advice to you, start early and do it gradually. Begin moving bedtime back by 15 mins, at least a week before school starts. Your plan should look something like this… 3rd grader: Current bedtime 9pm School bedtime 8pm Mon/Tues: 8:45pm Wed/Thurs: 8:30pm Fri/Sat: 8:15pm Sun: 8pm So how do you know what is the right bedtime for your child? Primary schoolers need between 9-11hrs of sleep per 24 hrs, high schoolers, 8-10 hrs. So if your child needs to be up by 6am, bedtime for primary kids should be between 7-9pm and 8-10pm for the teenagers. These are averages as every child is different. If your 6th grader with the 9pm bedtime is yawning at 7:30pm, start your bedtime routine. *Remember, going back to school is a big adjustment. Long school days equal extra tired kiddos. You may want to start with an earlier than usual bedtime and push it out gradually as their bodies adjust. Wishing you and your littles a wonderful school year!