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“I’m fine, I can handle it”

“I’m fine, I can handle it”, is something I hear more and more from moms after they tell me how tired they are because their little one isn’t sleeping well. My thoughts are always, “Of course you can handle it, you’re a supermom! But do you have to?” There are two kinds of supermoms: those who look like your typical superhero, with spotless outfits and a smile that says, “bring it on world, I’ve got this”, and those who look like they’ve just come out of an epic battle. Our clothes are stained, hair’s a mess and our faces show every tantrum we’ve dealt with, and every minute of sleep we’ve missed. No matter your appearance, we’re all struggling to do the best we can as moms, dads too, because, after all, what wouldn’t we do for our children? Parenting involves a lot of sacrifice and some of these are no-brainers. Giving up the last piece of pie for our children is an easy one. They get more pie, they are happy, end of story. But when we sacrifice our sleep to tend to our children in the middle of the night, who’s benefitting? Certainly not us, as the bags under our eyes reveal, but more importantly, our children aren’t the better for it. No one is getting the sleep they need, so why are we handling it? There are enough moments in our parenting years in which we will make sacrifices for our children. Sleep need not be one of them. Does your family need more sleep? Send me a message to schedule your free 15 minute consultation. Let me help you lighten the load. I know you can handle it, but you shouldn’t have to.


My mom has a secret…I promised I wouldn’t tell…shhh!

  She sleep trained me! 😱 The act of helping your child sleep better has become incredibly controversial. So much so, that moms have told me they kept it a secret from their family in fear of judgement. Wow. Helping your child get the sleep their developing bodies need should NEVER be a source of shame but that of PRIDE! Be bold, be proud and comment below…I SLEEP TRAINED MY CHILD! 💤


Safe sleep, it’s for a reason

You have likely seen this story. As gut wrenching as it is to read, it must be talked about and shared. This woman’s baby died in his crib, and now she has a warning for other parents I follow various mom related groups and the amount of moms now posting “Do I need to take my baby’s blanket away?” is incredibly alarming, and so I am posting the American and Canadian Safe Sleep guidelines in hopes that you will share on your pages.…/childhood-e…/sids/index-eng.php There are many aspects regarding our children’ safety that we cannot control but safe sleep is not one of them. Do me a favour and compare the picture below to your child’s current sleep environment.  Doesn’t match?  Change it NOW!  Don’t wait until the weekend, DO IT NOW!  Because I never want to read another story like this again. xoxo