Welcome and congratulations! Your family is one step closer to a better night's sleep.

If you are reading this, I know one thing about you already. You are very, very tired. It hurts doesn’t it? You never knew how much you valued your sleep until you became a parent.

You may be on the fence, trying to decide if you really NEED sleep training. I mean, things will get better eventually, right? It’s true, most five year olds do sleep through the night but years of lost sleep can negatively impact school aged children: difficulty managing their emotions, concentrating in class, and retaining information, to name a few. If you’re still undecided, see if any of the points below strike a chord.

Raise your hand if:

Your child…

  • is dependent on you to fall asleep
  • is waking during the night and needs help to return to sleep
  • catnaps throughout the day (naps shorter than an hour)
  • is waking up at the crack of dawn consistently (before 6am)

You are…

  • having a hard time putting sentences together
  • finding basic daily tasks overwhelming
  • having trouble sleeping when you do get the chance
  • more impatient than usual

If any of the above has you throwing your hand up in the air, the good news is, I can help.

I believe that sleep is not a “one method fits all” type of training. I am skilled in a multitude of sleep training methods that range from very gradual to a more straight forward approach. The “right” method is one that suits your parenting style, fits well with the temperament of your child and with their specific sleep needs.

Are you ready for a better night’s sleep? Let’s chat!

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